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A Girl’s Guide To Living Solo

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10th November 2010

Think it’s all dinner-for-one and 57 cats? Actually, living alone can be truly amazing.

There are some life experiences every girl should enjoy: a red-carpet event, the trying on of actual, proper couture, and kissing in the rain. And, in between the flatmates, parents and live-in boyfs, every girl should try living on her own at least once. Now, you may be a sociable creature, not necessarily given to bouts of solitude or self-imposed exile. Still, we at STELLAR HQ have found that living solo can be a liberating, put-hairs-on-your-chest experience.

The number of women choosing to live alone is growing steadily: it is thought that in the UK and US, 51% of women now live without a spouse. Not only that, but a recent study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, found that women who live alone rate their lives as happier and healthier than if they cohabited. What’s more, single-person homesteads will be one of the huge social trends of the next decade or so, accounting for 70% of the growth in households by 2026, according to official figures.

However, if you’re worried you’re going to end up living alone (save your many moggies), eating Pot Noodle for dinner and wearing a hairnet to bed, don’t. Here’s how to enjoy the upshots of living alone and avoid the pitfalls of it being Just You…

Silence Is Golden

Firstly, where to begin on the pros of living alone? For a start, there’s precious  little need to make inane small talk with flatmates after a hard day’s work. Gone too from the equation are housework rotas, bill-sharing conversations, toilet queues, designated shelves in the kitchen, and the general watching of Ps and Qs. Whether you’re messy or anally retentive, like minimalism or shabby chic, it’s your gaff, your rules.

The girl who lives alone can pretty much do as she pleases – from dancing naked in the living room to walking around with Veet on her top lip – with total impunity. All that before we mention the simple joy of getting to sleep in the middle of the bed. What’s not to like?

For the rest of this feature and a bucket-load more, check out this month’s issue of STELLAR.

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Lisa 22/11/2010 at 15:07

This is so true! I now live alone & initially was worried this was the first step towards catladydom but regret not flying solo (and ditching headbanger housemates!) sooner!

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