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Five Ways To Have A Happy Tuesday

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10th November 2010

Don’t let the dodgiest day of the week rain on your happy parade. Here’s how to make it shine and you smile…

Break The Fast (and the rules)
Forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s, try breakfast at your local patisserie. You know those special days when you were a kid – Christmas, Easter, on your holidays – when you were allowed to have something bold for breakfast?

You automatically knew that it was a break-the-rules kind of day. Whether you start your gloomy Tuesday with a chocolate-filled croissant (sigh), a warm pecan and maple danish (dear Lord) or a sugary doughnut (heaven to Betsy), a little bit of what you love will set you up for an extraordinary, ordinary day.

Meet Your Mates
If you spend your Tuesdays under a dark cloud give it a silver lining by hanging out with your besties. Meet them for lunch, start a weekly book club, or go for mid-week (okay early-week) cocktails. It doesn’t need to be a Saturday to have a proper catch-up with your BFFs.

Get Your Bloom On
Make your day great by making someone else’s. Pick a random Tuesday and a good friend, and send her a gorgeous bunch of posies. Guaranteed to add a little sunshine to both your lives.

Don’t Say No…
…To anything. Remember Jim Carrey in Yes Man? Well, that’s a real-life story that changed a real guy’s life, and it could happen to you. All you’ve got to do is make Tuesday your Yes Day.

Get Some Action
Are you and your boy a weekend-sex kinda couple? You’re not alone. According to the latest Durex survey, Saturday is the number one day for the Sex Factor. So, buck the trend with a bit of Tuesday Night Delight. Send sexy texts during the day so come 5.30pm you’ll both be raring to go. We bet you don’t even make it up the stairs…

To read some more ways to make your Tuesday great, check out page 48 of this month’s STELLAR.

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