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Your Bedroom Bucket List

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21st December 2010

There’s a reason that we were all so enthralled with Sex and the City (the TV series, not the film), and that’s because of the sexcapades that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha enjoyed. Although their combined wardrobes left us salivating, these were not the sort of broads to look back on their lives and regret a single sex adventure. And for that reason, we applaud them. It’s just as well that they did get up to all sorts; they became downright boring in their 40s.

Fast forward to 50 years from now, when you’re arguably the coolest blue-rinser in town. What will you regret? Not spending enough time in the office? Not being nicer to your siblings? Not saving enough for a rainy day? Will you heck. You’ll no doubt look back and wonder why you didn’t get up to more bedroom shenanigans while your body was young, healthy and bangin’. And so, in a great big service to your future self, we’ve drawn up the following list of things you need to try in the scratcher between now and then….

1 Role play

You’ll laugh like a hyena gone postal the first time you try this; guaranteed. But in time, it will become less comical and more sexy. Role play fosters trust, so even though you’ll be pretending to be a secretary/street walker/virgin/Apprentice contestant, you’ll feel a helluva lot closer afterwards. As they say, the only limit is your creativity, so let your imagination – and his – run riot.

2 Use a sex toy… on him

This might be one for the more sexually seasoned. Granted, a strap-on is not every guy’s cup of chai, but if it’s something you’d like to try, you can always say that the male G-spot lurks up there near the prostate.

3 Join the mile high club

Not necessarily something we’d recommend if you’re doing the Dublin-Kerry commuter flight with Ryanair (and it is illegal in some jurisdictions), but if you’re both on a long-haul flight, the movies are dreadful, and you know you won’t get caught, go for it. It’s neither comfortable nor convenient, but it’ll give you bragging rights, which will count for something down the line.

4 Sex in front of a mirror

Or better still, underneath a ceiling mirror. Too Boogie Nights for words.

5  Nookie on the job

Between now and your old age, you’ll have clocked up quite the number of hours in the office. What better way to ensure that one or two of them are definitely worth remembering? Choose your time and place wisely; obviously you’ll get in no shortage of trouble if you’re pants-storming at a time when you should be brainstorming.

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P.S. Anything you’d like to add to the list? Let us know x

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Scout 3/02/2011 at 06:47

Great ideas. Will be trying the mirror one soon.

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